Sylvan Fortress will begin tracking drums starting December 19, 2016 for the upcoming release entitled, "Enthroned on White"



  • Shawn Cameron of Carnifex will be performing the drums (
  • Shawn will be playing a very live acoustic drum set all miced up with real mics to capture an organic raw sound
  • Lord Charles (guitars, founder, main songwriter) will be engineering this drum recording session at the "Music Theatre" in San Diego, CA - USA
    • Kick - Audix D6
    • Snare Top - Shure SM57
    • Snare Bottom - Behringer B5
    • Tom 1 - Tom 3 - Sennheiser e604
    • Overheads - 2 Shure SM81's in ORTF configuration
    • Room - Shure KSM 44 and Octava
    • Main audio interface - RME Fireface UFX
    • Preamps from the RME Fireface UFX, Tascam US 20X20, Tascam US 16X08, and ART Tube
    • Acoustic drums will flow into the mics, into the preamps, into the RME converters, and then into SONAR Platinum, finally ending up on the hard drive
    • The recording gear from Battlefrost Productions will be transported to the "Music Theatre" in San Diego for this session. After the tracking is completed, everything will be transported back to Battlefrost headquarters in Lakeside
  • As of right now, Lord Charles will be performing the bass guitar on the recording
  • There will be some auditions held shortly in the month of November. If one of those works out and they can perform on the album, they will be announced here
  • Lord Charles will be engineering the bass recording session at Battlefrost Productions headquarters in Lakeside
  • The tracking of the bass will include a DI track, and a mic or two on the bass cabinet
  • Everything will go through the same chain as the drums, ending up on the hard drive through SONAR Platinum